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"All racing drivers at a certain level are given a gift from god, a natural talent.

The fellows who are very good, and turn out to be exceptional, exercise that talent to the fullest extent through management of the mind."


Jackie Stewart


Training we offer can cover many Performance Enhancing areas, listed below are a selection of skills we teach which can help you cope better during an event, make better judgements & decisions when it counts, review & plan for future successes and overall get more enjoyment out of your sport.

  • Mental Strength and Resiliance to Pressure
  • Focus and Concentration
  • True Confidence Building
  • Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal
  • Pre Performance Routines
  • Planning for Peak Performance
  • Anchors and Triggers
  • Positive Re-enforcement through Relaxation


Our training sessions take place in a quiet, private office space. Refreshments are provided for the duration of your visit, and lunches where appropriate.

We are also able to provide trackside support and communication over Skype, we can be on hand to assist in the application of new skills as you combine what you have learnt with your existing knowledge and experience.

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