Mike Disser

"Gavin Gough of Alpha Sport Psychology is an outstanding Mental Performance Professional. He is more than just a 'mental coach'”.


I originally met Gavin during Season One of the United States version of the Nissan GT Academy back in 2011.  I instantly could tell that Gavin had the gift to work with would-be and seasoned racing professionals. We met at historic Silverstone—and can’t imagine Gavin working anywhere else (even though he does).


Gavin’s skills were amazing during our time together.  He had the ability to quickly assess a driver’s mental and physical boundaries, weaknesses and strengths.  He worked with multiple personalities and skill levels during this time.  He was able to calm those that needed to be and motivated those that required his assistance.  It was amazing to see him adjust “on the fly” between drivers—even under extremely stressful situations (in extreme competition with film cameras rolling and the clock ticking away).


His use of visualization techniques and meditation would benefit any professional athlete—not just professional racing drivers.  I can still hear his voice in my head years after working with him!  His approach to each situation is tailored to the needs of his client—with their end-result in mind.


Even after our contract with Gavin ended, he continued to work with several of the Finalists via Skype, e-mail and telephone. To this day, he is the “go-to guy” for several professional and amateur racing drivers from our US-based program.


Mr. Gough deserves the highest consideration from those in need of mental performance management."


Mike Disser

Senior Manager

Nissan North America

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