Mental Skills to Help You Win

You are a racer, a competitor and you may wonder;


“Do I need a mind coach?”


I would answer and suggest that, should it be that you have not won countless races and many championships, then yes, it can be the case that you would benefit from Neuro Linguistic Programming and the help from a mind coach.

I would add that even race and championship winning drivers can at times, have reason to call upon us to strengthen their minds.


A racer may encounter many scenarios which can trigger a negative and performance limiting reaction, often silly things which can awaken the “Monkey Mind”. Often a word, a tone of voice or a situation which when processed by our minds, triggers a reaction and, for example, leads the racer to make a mess of their start.

Remember, we all have lives outside of what is for most a serious hobby, we all have families, we all have jobs.


Our driver may be quick in testing and practice, however when required to qualify and race, the performances are less than we know they can produce. Something has changed, that something is often the perception of what it is we have to do, very often it can be pressure or expectation that can be imposed on the driver by others and/or themselves. How our driver deals with this pressure will determine the quality of their performance.


Jackie Stewart was able to manage his mind, and yes he did win countless races and three F1 World Championships, he also had clay pigeon shooting which developed his vision and hand/eye co-ordination which he took into race cars. In his day Stewart did not have mental coaching as we recognise it today, however he had his own learning systems and filtration systems.


Not everybody has the bonus benefits of Stewart or Senna or other such hugely successful sportsmen and women, but you can learn the required mind skills and raise your performance with guidance from The Racing Mind Coach.    


Whenever we listen to Jackie Stewart we will often hear him speak of “mind management” - this is an essential skill to be mastered in this modern era of sports and competition and so I refer you back to the question at the top of this page.


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